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UCSC - Incoming

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BEFORE YOU POST, Please browse through the Memories for this community. It categorizes every question asked in this community, and there's a chance that some of your questions might already have been answered.

Welcome to the community for incoming students at UCSC!

Please use this community to introduce yourself, and talk among fellow incoming students about dorm info and other experiences. Everyone - not only incoming students - is allowed to join and share advice and other information.

ucsc_incoming was started due to a multitude of introduction posts on the ucsc community. PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR INTRODUCTIONS THERE! Also, DO NOT CROSS-POST. Cross-posting is the act of posting the same thing in multiple communities - these posts will be deleted. Rephrasing posts for this community will not cut it, either. If you have something to say to this community, please make it specific to this community - don't just use this as a resource for more feedback. Everyone's already subscribed to ucsc, okay?

Moderated by jeffreyatw. Don't be an ass, welcome your fellow slug, and everything should be cool.

A concise guide to UCSC communities and their purpose:
ucsc - Main community, used for posts about academic inquiries and UCSC-related announcements.
ucsc_chatter - Casual community for talk among UCSC students about any subject.
ucsc_incoming - Community for meeting incoming peers, and talking about experiences with applying, moving in, and like subjects.
There are also college-specific communities. Please do not use those for introductions either.